Hi! I’m Emma
your English confidence coach

About mmmEnglish

mmmEnglish is about helping you enjoy English. Through simple, engaging, and helpful lessons, I teach you the language you *need* to know – the English that will help you thrive in the experience of not only learning English but using it in everyday life. I want to help you feel at ease with the language and yourself as you are becoming an English speaker.

Helping you to “feel like you” as you speak in English is my ultimate goal. I will be playful, encourage you to make mistakes, have fun and try new things without fear. All of this helps you to build courage and confidence.

Download a free lesson

In this sample lesson, you will learn the correct way to use five different prepositions with the verb work. This is useful for having conversations with someone about where you work, where they work or where people you know work.

Together we will go beyond the basics and introduce specific word patterns that you can start using right away to sound more natural and fluent when you talk about work.

This lesson is a taste of what you can expect when you buy the Prepositions 8×8 course which includes more prepositions more patterns, more examples and more speaking practice using the Imitation Technique.

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