Two Bad Eggs

Lesson Overview

A bad egg is a person who is often in trouble or misbehaving. Usually, it is not a good idea to hang around with a ‘bad egg’, because they are a not a good influence on you and will get you into trouble!

Read this short story about two bad eggs:

It was Edward’s first day at a new school and he was so excited to meet his new teacher. He felt a little nervous too, because one always has to work hard to meet new friends at school. He wanted to make a good first impression so he walked confidently into his classroom with a huge smile on his face. But suddenly, he was falling toward the floor! CRASH… He fell hard onto the floor and hurt his knees. He looked around and saw he had fallen over a pile of books that lad been left in the middle of the room. Two boys, Edmund and Ethan, leapt up and laughed at Edward. A few of the other children giggled too.

A girl in the front row came to help him. “Hi, I’m Emma. You’re a new student aren’t you?”

“Yeah I am. I’m Edward. Thanks for your help.” 

“That’s ok. Stay away from Edmund and Ethan”, Emma warned. “They are bad eggs.

REMEMBER: ‘bad egg’ is a negative term, so only use this idiom to describe someone if you don’t really like them or don’t approve of them!

Do you know any bad eggs?

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