It’s a piece of cake!!!

Lesson Overview

Don’t worry… This English food idiom is EASY!!! It’s ‘a piece of cake’!

The English idiom “a piece of cake” is used to describe something that is very simple and easy to do.

Eating a piece (or slice) of delicious cake is very easy to do, isn’t it?


Here’s an example of the idiom in use:

Jade:                         How was the maths test, Sarah?

Sarah:                       It was a piece of cake! I finished it in half an hour.

Jade:                         You must have studied hard, I found it very difficult!

(Sarah said the maths test was very simple and easy.)


What do you think is a piece of cake? Write your answers in the comments box below!


Why learn idioms?

Native English speakers use a lot of idioms in everyday speech but English learners find them difficult to understand! This is because the meaning doesn’t relate to the literal translation of the words. Learning idioms will help you understand English conversation and using idioms will make you sound like a native speaker!

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