What’s a snack?!

Lesson Overview

What’s a snack?

(n) A snack is a small amount of food eaten between meals. 

Remember, meals are the main times that we eat during the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you eat something between meals, it’s usually a small amount of food (just enough to stop you feeling hungry until your next meal!)

So you can have a ‘snack’ at any time of the day!

I’m getting hungry. Can we stop for a quick snack?

Martin’s bringing some snacks to the football? 


When learning new English words, it’s best to learn them with the words they commonly go with (it’s called a collocation!). The word ‘snack’ is commonly used with:

  • have a snack
  • need a snack
  • want a snack
  • feel like a snack
  • a light snack
  • a healthy snack
  • a quick snack


What’s your favourite snack?

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