You are the apple of my eye.

Lesson Overview

He is the apple of my eye.

The English idiom ‘the apple of (someone’s) eye’ is used to describe a person who is loved and adored by someone; the one they love most.


Here’s an example of the idiom in use:

Jenny:             Your daughter, Jessica, has so many friends. They adore her!

Dave:              They do! She’s clever too. Did you know she came top of her class in four subjects? She’s amazing.

Jenny:             Wow! She really is the apple of your eye, isn’t she Dave?

Dave:               Yes, she is!

(David loves and adores Jessica.)


Why learn idioms?

Native English speakers use a lot of idioms in everyday speech but English learners find them difficult to understand! This is because the meaning doesn’t relate to the literal translation of the words. Learning idioms will help you understand English conversation and using idioms will make you sound like a native speaker!

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