Why you should read ‘Goosebumps’ this Halloween!

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Goosebumps’ is a popular American children’s book series* that mixes horror and humour to make fun and entertaining children’s stories – perfect to read at Halloween!

*A book ‘series’ is a group of books (more than one book) that often has the same characters or follows a similar story (just like a TV series!). Have you heard of Harry Potter? It is probably the most famous book series in the English-speaking world.


Are you crazy, Emma? Why are you telling me to read children’s books?!

This is WHY I think you should read a children’s book series!

Children’s books are usually short and entertaining! And:

  • The characters are fun!
  • The topics are interesting!
  • They are short, so they don’t take too long to read!

It is hard to find time to read books in your own language, but finding time to read books in English is even harder! Especially if you are reading books that are too difficult for you. Do you spend hours using a dictionary to translate words on every page. It’s so exhausting and soooo boring!


MY challenge this Halloween is to help you find a fun way to relax and ENJOY reading English!


Because reading in English is a really great way to learn new vocabulary and practice seeing and using words in context. When you read, you can do it as quickly or slowly as you like. In books you will see and recognise verb patterns, common collocations and expressions, phrasal verbs and so much more! As you practice reading, speaking and thinking in English will become easier too.


‘Welcome to Dead House’ is the first book in the ‘Goosebumps’ series. It’s about two children, Amanda and Josh, who move into a new house in Dark Falls. They think the house is spooky, maybe even haunted! They soon realise that the house is full of zombies, who want to drink their blood to survive! Amanda and Josh have to find a way to save themselves…

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