Video Lesson – Sweet, rich, decadent… Chocolate Mousse!

Lesson Overview

To celebrate my brother’s birthday, I made a huge bowl of delicious, sweet, rich chocolate mousse! Watch and practice English with your teacher and learn new vocabulary in the kitchen!


Here’s some extra vocabulary to help you understand the video:

break up (v) to break something to make smaller pieces

knob (n) a small piece of something

whisk (n) a kitchen tool made of wire, used by quickly moving through soft food to put air into it.

whisk (v) to mix something very quickly using a whisk

separate (v) to divide something into different parts

soft peaks (n) used in cooking to describe egg whites that have been whisked until they are soft and fluffy.

fold in (v) to use a spatula or knife to combine something slowly and gently to a mixture.

garnish (v) to decorate food when it is served.

These are the definitions of these words as they are used in this video. Remember that some of these words have more than one meaning!


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