Your eyes are bigger than my stomach!

Lesson Overview

At Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations, where there is a lot of delicious food, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach! I want to taste everything, so I usually eat too much!

The English idiom “eyes bigger than your stomach” is used when someone takes too much food, so much that they can’t eat it all.

Remember: Idioms are English phrases that have a different meaning to the individual words in the phrase. So, when you hear this idiom, people aren’t talking about someone with big eyes!

Here’s an example:

Ryan:            Thanks for dinner Sara, it was delicious!

Sara:             I’m glad you enjoyed it, but you haven’t finished your dessert!

Ryan:            I’m so sorry, I can’t finish it! My eyes are bigger than my stomach. I can’t eat any more!

Sara:             That’s ok! There was a lot of food!

(Ryan ate too much food during the main meal and now he’s too full to finish his dessert.)


Who do you know that has eyes bigger than their stomach!?


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