QuestionTube! BE CONFIDENT in your English conversations!

Lesson Overview

English conversations can be pretty scary when you are learning English. You think: What if… I ask the wrong question? What if… they say a word I don’t understand? What if… they speak too quickly, and I miss their answer! What if… I can’t think of a follow up question!!!

To help give you the confidence you need to speak and practice in English conversations, I am filming a new series of videos called ‘QuestionTube’. Each fortnight, you can watch a new video where we will study a new question together. We’ll practice:

  • How to ask it
  • When to ask it
  • How to answer it
  • AND you’ll see real answers from real native English speakers, who will answer  question!

I’m so excited! You are about to be SO GOOD at asking and answering questions in English!!  SUBSCRIBE to the mmmEnglish YouTube Channel and look for the ‘QuestionTube’ videos – the first one will be there next week!


Did you see my last video about question intonation? If you did, you learned an EASY TIP to remember if your voice needs to go up at the end of your question, or down. If you missed it, watch it here!

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