Uh oh… I’m in a pickle!

Lesson Overview

The English idiom ‘in a pickle‘ is used when someone has a problem, or is in a difficult situation.

Remember: Idioms are English phrases that have a different meaning to the individual words in the phrase. If you hear this idiom in an English conversation, it doesn’t mean that someone is inside a pickle!

Here’s an example:

Rosie:                       I’m really in a pickle Steve!

Steve:                       What’s wrong?

Rosie:                       I told Sue I would  bake 10 cakes for the school fair, but I’ve completely run out of time! There is no way I can have them done by tomorrow! What should I do?

Steve:                       Just buy them from the supermarket! No one will know!

(Rosie has a problem. She doesn’t have enough time to bake 10 cakes by tomorrow! She’s in a pickle!)


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