This is ‘my cup of tea’!

Lesson Overview

The English idiom “cup of tea” is something that you like enjoy. 

Any person who drinks tea will tell you there is nothing better than a warm cup of tea!  ‘A cup of tea’ has been used to describe what is ‘good’ and ‘nice’ for many years.

Nowadays, this idiom is more often used in the negative, to say what someone doesn’t like. You will hear native English speakers saying “it’s not my cup of tea” – it mean’s they don’t like something.

Remember: Idioms are English phrases that have a different meaning to the individual words in the phrase. BUT, this example can be an idiom (used to tell someone what you like, or dislike) and ALSO as a phrase (used to explain which cup of tea is yours!)

Here’s an example:

Wes:                    Are you coming to watch the band tonight , Ben?

Ben:                     I haven’t decided. What type of music do they play?

Wes:                    They’re a rock band. They’re really good!

Ben:                     Oh, no. I don’t think I will come. Rock music is not my cup of tea.

(Ben doesn’t like rock music.)


What’s your cup of tea? What’s not your cup of tea?  Write your answers in the comments box below!


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