Improve Your English Speaking Skills | The Imitation Technique

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Improve your English pronunciation and expression by practising with the imitation technique!


Hello! I’m Emma from mmmEnglish, helping you to build your confidence as an English speaker.

Now you might recognize me from the mmmEnglish YouTube channel, but if you don’t I’m here to help you improve your English pronunciation and to help you become a bolder, braver, more confident English speaker.

One of the first questions that my students ask me is:

“How can I improve my speaking skills?” and my answer is always the same and it’s simple. Focus on your pronunciation and actually practise speaking.

Now that can be easy to say and less easy to do, right?

If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, this can be kind of difficult. And even if you do live in an English-speaking country, you might want
to start a conversation with a native speaker but you probably feel too embarrassed or nervous to even start that conversation. Perhaps you’re worried
that they won’t understand your accent.

What if I told you there was a way to practise your pronunciation to build your vocabulary and to practise speaking English naturally?

Today I want to introduce you to the imitation technique.

Now I use this technique to coach my English students to improve their pronunciation but also to improve other important aspects of communicating in English so that they sound more natural when they’re speaking. Imitating a native English speaker can help you to improve your pronunciation skills and communicate clearly in English – faster than any other method! Just like singing your favourite song or performing like an actor in the movies, English when you’re learning it, is a performance. You’re learning the script, you’re getting ready to perform. When you’re communicating in English it’s not only what you say but it’s also how you say it that’s important in English. We use tone, pause and interjections to help communicate how we’re feeling.

By imitating a native English speaker you’re performing in English. It’s like you’ve become a native English speaker! You can copy the stress, the tone, the intonation, the facial expression. You’re learning English in the most natural way possible – from the experts.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s boost your English speaking skills together and find that confident English speaking version of you! To get started right away visit my website.  You can get there by clicking the link above this video or by visiting

Thanks so much for watching and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. Bye!

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