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❤️❤️❤️ Super special lined up for you today, to celebrate ONE MMMMMILLION SUBSCRIBERS! The most amazing English teachers on YouTube are celebrating with us! Make sure you check out their channels down here!
⭐️Gabby from Go Natural English
⭐️Rachel from Rachel’s English
⭐️Lucy from English with Lucy
⭐️Vanessa from Speak English with Vanessa
⭐️Jennifer from Jennifer ESL
⭐️Layla & Sabrah from Love English
⭐️Vicki & Jay from Simple English Videos
⭐️Anna from English Like a Native

This video was an absolute pleasure to make for you! I’m sure you picked up a few useful tips to help you improve your study skills!

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Wow! Incredible! I am gobsmacked! A million subscribers! I don’t even know how many people that is, what does that even look like?

Thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who has clicked on that little red subscribe button down there and joined me every week to practise English. With all of your support, I will be here making lessons for you for a long, long time to come. So we need to celebrate, right?

I’ve got a super special video lined up for you today. I wanted to celebrate with you, of course, and some of my very special friends. Friends that you might already know. They are all English teachers on Youtube and I’m so excited that they are here celebrating with us because I get to introduce you to them just in case you haven’t met them already.

What I love most about them is that they are all really unique individuals and they bring their own teaching style to their English lessons here on YouTube. It’s impossible to get bored learning English online because there are so many amazing, entertaining, talented teachers here. And they all work so hard to share their knowledge and their experience with you for free.

So while we are celebrating 1 million subscribers here at mmmEnglish, we are also celebrating the amazing opportunity that YouTube and the internet has provided for all of us to learn whenever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want. So who is here celebrating with us?

Listen carefully because they’ve all got a very important piece of advice for you.

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