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So proud of the mmmEnglish students who took part in the Lockdown Speaking Challenge! Practice, improve your pronunciation and natural speaking skills ⚡️PLUS… WINNERS ANNOUNCED BELOW! ⬇️

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who participated in the #mmmEnglishChallenge! It was so amazing to see all of your smiling faces and HEAR you speak in English!

Winners of the Lockdown Challenge received personalised feedback from me!

Monica (Italy)
Emma’s feedback:

Genaro (Mexico):
Emma’s feedback:

Rajpriya (India):
Emma’s feedback:

Francisco (Brazil):
Emma’s feedback:

Mary (Vietnam):
Emma’s feedback:

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Video Transcript
Section 1
Well hey there I’m Emma from mmmEnglish! A few weeks ago I challenged my students here on YouTube to practise with me while we’re all in lockdown, while we’re all social distancing.

We all had the time so we decided to make a video together and this is that video. You’re about to get a snapshot of the mmmEnglish community and you’ll get to see some of the other students in our online classroom, see that they’re there, that there are really others out there practising with you every single week which is really cool.

As always I was completely blown away by all of you. Everyone found the courage to participate. They took me up on the challenge and some of you were very, very, funny, very creative, very helpful and very cute.

So wherever you are, thank you for making the mmmEnglish community so awesome and so special and for practising so hard and being part of this video. Let’s check it out!

Today I’m connecting with you from my home and maybe you’re working or watching from your home during this time of the coronavirus. Wherever you are, I hope you and your family are all safe and well. I’m so excited! Let’s do it!

Let’s take a quick break from the fear and chaos around us at the moment, and talk about how awesome humans are. We just can’t help but be around each other! Even in lockdown, we are finding ways to be social! Communities are dancing and singing on their balconies and collectively applauding all of the health workers for everything that they are doing and sacrificing for us.

Countries are offering to take sick people from their neighbours, to care for them. People are donating not just money, but time and energy as well! Buying groceries for others, making face masks, running free online meditation classes. Some local restaurants are offering free meals to medical staff. It is incredible to see how we can all come together!

And at the same time, the entire world is taking a huge collective breath and slowing down. But to be honest… That part was forced on us! But, perhaps it is something we needed. Not forever, just as a way to reset, you know? To prioritise what is really important.

I mean, without thousands of planes flying and millions of cars on the road, the air is getting cleaner. We’re not rushing from place to place like we used to. We are finding beauty in the littlest things – the things that we never noticed before. And no rush-hour commute means more time spent with kids, or taking care of ourselves. A little extra sleep; a little more exercise; a good book; wholesome, home-cooked meals; and great conversation. I’m really grateful for the chance to live a little less hectically for a while. We’ll get through this together. We will come out the other side. And as SOON as lockdown is over, I’m going to…

  • visit all of my old friends that I haven’t seen for a long time.
  • fly to Indonesia.
  • visit all my friends that had birthdays in March, April and perhaps May.
  • go to a karaoke bar and have fun with my friends.
  • travel around the world.
  • meet my friends and members of my family.
  • take a trip to the seaside with my best friend.
  • organise a party and celebrate New Year’s Eve again to restart the year.
  • travel all around the world.
  • continue my social activities and academic studies much easier.
  • make my dream come true.
  • go to Istanbul and make some travel videos for my channel.
  • meet with all my relatives and my friends and we’ll have a great time together.
  • continue with my true important causes. One is for my driving license. And one is for my further education.
  • walk down the street, look at anything that I can see and thank God how beautiful life is.

So thank you for watching, stay home, be safe.

So good! You were all amazing! Absolutely huge effort by all of you. I’m so pleased.

As part of the speaking challenge, I gave away five prizes of personalised pronunciation feedback from me.

Now I’ve contacted the winners of the competition in the comments below their video on YouTube and I’ve also added the links to them in the description below this one so if you want to check them out, you can.

Now I wish, wish, wish that I could have given feedback to all of you but I think that might have taken me about three years. So what I’ve done is I’ve shared my feedback publicly so that you can all benefit from the comments and the feedback that I’ve given to the winners.

Now before I go, I just wanna share some of my favourite moments from this challenge. You gotta check them out!

Hey there and welcome back to my channel and today I’m so grateful to be part of the mmmEnglish challenge so let’s get started!

The challenge makes me feel so happy because one of the things that I really enjoy when I’m studying English is chatting or imitating someone who is a native speaker.

Alright this imitation technique is like one of my favourite methods to study English ever.

With my Indonesian accent okay? Let’s get started!

Hey Emma I am practising with you.

Hey Emma! Today we’re going to be practising with you on your latest imitation lesson video about the lockdown challenge so let’s get on with it! Yes!

Planes flying and millions of cars on the road. A little extra sleep, a little more exercise, a good book.

Communities are dancing and singing. Communities are singing, are singing and dancing and collectively applauding. Collectively applauding all of the health workers for everything that they are… I’ll give it another try.

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