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This quiz will test your English listening and spelling skills! It’s a test that not many people can pass because there are lots of WORDS THAT SOUND THE SAME in English… How can you be sure you are using the right one? Are you making mistakes?
Is it there, their or they’re?
Is it here or hear? Weather or whether?
Bear with me or bare with me?
Test your skills, expand your vocabulary and practise with me – share your results and questions down below!

Video Transcript
Section 1
Well hey there I’m Emma from mmmEnglish! Today’s video is a quiz, specifically to test your listening and your spelling skills and hopefully, to introduce a few new words as well.

As I’m sure you have already noticed, English is full of pairs of words that sound the same but they’re spelled differently and they have different meanings. Perhaps they’re different types of words. They’re called homophones and this quiz is going to test your English accuracy.

And I have a sneaky feeling that some of my excellent students are going to perform better, much better than some of my native-speaking friends. I’ve already asked some of them to do this quiz exactly as you’re about to do it now and none of them got it a hundred percent right.

So if you’re a native English speaker, I challenge you to take this quiz too and to please share your results down in the comments below. Honest results.

As I said, I’ll be testing your listening skills and your accuracy in writing so let me tell you what I need you to do. You’ll hear me say a sentence out loud and you’ll see that sentence on the screen but there will be a word missing.

Have you ever tried eating raw steak?

You simply need to guess what that correct word is. And since we’re practising your spelling today, it is absolutely essential that you write down your answer.

I’m not just testing the words that you hear but also your spelling so hopefully, you wrote raw and not roar.

As we get further into the lesson, these words are gonna get a little trickier and there will be more words missing from the sentence so you’ll need to listen very carefully.

To get ready you could either write one to sixty on a notepad or type them on your computer. In fact, I’ve added one to sixty down in the comments below so if you just want to copy and paste all of that, I’ve done all of the hard work for you. Copy and paste it into a comment and you can type them as we go.

We’ll move quickly. This is a speed test. You only have three seconds to write down the missing word that you hear so make sure you’re prepared before we get started.

I’m not going to share the answers as we go. I’m going to share the answers at the end of the lesson so this means you can turn it into a bit of a challenge with friends if you want.

You can compete against them and then add up your scores at the end. Or if you’re a teacher you could get your whole class to compete together then go through the answers at the end of the lesson.

As always if you’ve got a question or a comment, add it down below. I’ll be down to continue the conversation when you finish the lesson.

And one last important thing. Make sure you switch off your subtitles okay? Otherwise, you’re gonna see the answers as we go. For the first time ever I’m reminding you to switch off your subtitles. Then let’s get started.

  1. I felt _____ I would see him here.
  2. Did you _____ me say that I wasn’t listening?
  3. How many people were _____?
  4. _____ are a few too many apples in the basket.
  5. Don’t you dare tell me _____ not here!
  6. Do you realise that _____ late?
  7. Usually people _____ with laughter as he comes out on stage.
  8. I took off my shoes and let my _____ feet in the sand.
  9. I think there’s a splinter in Billy’s _____.
  10. I went to see _____ brother last night but he wasn’t home.
  11. We had _____ left to buy her an apple muffin.
  12. Martha was worried she’d detected several _____ in the new design.
  13. The boat had drifted quite far from the _____.
  14. I can’t remember which witch was _____.
  15. _____ with me, I have a few more things I need to finish before I leave.
  16. All he did was stop and _____.
  17. He _____ out the candles before we finished singing.
  18. They left two _____ and an uneaten sandwich on the table.
  19. This lesson was brought to you _____ me.
  20. We _____ leaving next week and I have no idea what to _____.
  21. It’s a little _____ outside today.
  22. We _____ our apartment and went backpacking for a year.
  23. I saw Billy earlier but now he’s out of _____.
  24. To be honest, I thought the price was a little _____.
  25. I need a small amount of _____ as I _____ the bread.
  26. My puppy always _____ on my shoes.
  27. I think Tim _____ it into the car.
  28. Someone left their jacket in _____.
  29. There are seven different options for _____.
  30. He used to require assistance to climb the _____.
  31. We’ve been _____ this several times before.
  32. Before I hope _____ enjoying yourself.
  33. I had no idea that the family was in _____ .
  34. I’m waiting for you to _____ my invitation.
  35. I was quite surprised when I opened the door; there was a _____ there to greet me.
  36. People usually _____ their nostrils when they’re incensed.
  37. Photography inside the building is _____.
  38. We have a new piece of information but I don’t think it will _____ anything.
  39. She always dresses with such _____.
  40. Most pig species are covered in _____ hair.
  41. John’s family _____ racehorses when he was younger.
  42. I like all of them _____ the blue one.
  43. I just _____ a moment of peace and quiet.
  44. I hope we don’t see unemployment _____ to new heights over the coming months.
  45. I _____ him a few days after the accident and he had quite a _____ leg.
  46. There was a familiar _____ in the kitchen.
  47. My businesses have their own _____ identity.
  48. What is the cost of the _____ to Greenwich?
  49. Getting seven kids up and ready for school is no easy _____.
  50. Even though I wanted to give up, I didn’t want to appear _____.
  51. They asked us _____ we were married.
  52. After all the training he did, Tim was disappointed when he came _____.
  53. He let out a large _____ when he realised he’d missed his train.
  54. It’s a little tight around the _____. You might need a bigger size.
  55. If your grandma lived to 103, you must have strong _____ in the family.
  56. That cut may take a little while to _____.
  57. I think we need to _____ in the design team, they’re blowing our budget!
  58. _____ that I need you to help me with.
  59. I agree with you in _____ but I need more details before I come on _____.
  60. _____ on your shirt!

So how are you feeling about that quiz? Are you pretty confident about most of your answers?

Or were there a few in there where you thought: I’m not sure if I heard that correctly or I’m not exactly sure how to spell this correctly.

Either way, I’m going to go through all the answers for you now but please make sure you highlight the ones that you got wrong all right? So that you can spend some time after the quiz just looking into these different words, see how they’re used, maybe especially compare them to the other homophones that I’m going to share with you on screen now.

Of course, if you’ve got any questions, add them into the comments below but now get your pens ready, get ready to correct your answers.

Let’s do it!

  1. Sure.
  2. Hear.
  3. There.
  4. Too.
  5. They’re.
  6. You’re.
  7. Roar.
  8. Bare.
  9. Paw.
  10. Your.
  11. Enough.
    Note: The wrong word is hidden in Q11 (it should have been ‘buy’) and I didn’t notice it. (So now, the correct answer is *enough*)
  12. Flaws.
  13. Shore.
  14. Which.
  15. Bear with me.
  16. Stare.
  17. Blew.
  18. Pears.
  19. By.
  20. We’re. And wear.
  21. Chilly.
  22. Leased.
  23. Sight.
  24. Dear.
  25. Flour. And knead.
  26. Chews.
  27. Threw.
  28. Their. And there.
  29. Dessert.
  30. Assistance.
    This one’s a little tricky. It could also be two or more assistants. Either option would make sense here. It would just depend on the context.
  31. Through.
  32. You’re.
  33. Mourning.
  34. Accept.
  35. Maid.
  36. Flare.
  37. Banned.
  38. Alter.
  39. Flair.
  40. Coarse.
  41. Bred.
  42. Except.
  43. Peace.
  44. Soar.
  45. Saw. And sore.
  46. Scent.
  47. Discrete.
  48. Fare.
  49. Feat.
  50. Weak.
  51. Whether.
  52. Fourth.
  53. Groan.
  54. Waist.
  55. Genes.
  56. Heal.
  57. Rein.
  58. There’s a knot.
  59. Principle. Board.
  60. There’s snot.

So how did you go? There were definitely some very tricky words in there and they sound exactly the same when they’re spoken, don’t they? So that means that you could be using the wrong word or the wrong spelling just by accident and of course that impacts on your accuracy and your written English.

So right now I want you to hit pause on the video and count up your score. If you scored between fifty and sixty, you did exceptionally well.

If you did anything close to that, that’s amazing as well. This was a tricky quiz. I hope that in the process of completing this quiz you also learnt a few new words as well.

In fact, if you did, let me know which ones were new for you and make sure you practise using them in a sentence down below.

All of my best students are the ones, they’re definitely the ones who go beyond my lessons and actually put what we’re learning into practice.

So is that you? Are you one of my best students? I want to see your sentences down below okay.

Thanks for watching today and I hope that you had fun. I will see you next week and in case you want to practise with me a little more today, come check out this lesson right here.

I’ll see you in there!

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