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Speak with me! This short speaking lesson is designed to give you REAL conversation practice! We will use an English dialogue to practise natural English conversation (including many of the contractions that we practised in last week’s pronunciation lesson!)

The dialogue is two friends talking together; you and me! the conversation topic is extremely common – one person is asking for recommendations and suggestions about things to do in their city.

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Well hey there I’m Emma from mmmEnglish. Right now I’m here to help you with your pronunciation and your speaking skills. You’re going to speak with me.

We’re going to practise speaking together using a dialogue that I’ve written. You say one line and then I’ll say the next line, just like we would if we were having a real conversation together. You and me.

I’m gonna start and then you’ll see your part pop up on screen that you can read out and say back to me.

Once we get through it, we’ll swap places and we’ll practise it together one more time.

This is going to be a short, fast, sweet, speedy little speaking practice activity. Make sure you bookmark it, come back to practise with it regularly. if you feel like you need to get your English mouth muscles working, this lesson is going to help.

Last week’s pronunciation lesson was all about contractions which are so common in spoken English.

This speaking lesson today is going to help you to review and to practise some of those common English contractions. The ones that you’ll hear native English speakers using every day so I’m going to start and when you see that sentence pop up on screen, read it back to me as if we were having this conversation together.

Let’s go! Are you ready?

So what are your plans over the weekend?

We’re supposed to be going hiking but I think it’s supposed to rain. We might need a new plan.

What about you?

My brother’s visiting from Melbourne this weekend so I’m looking for ideas and you’re always doing fun and interesting things. Do you have any suggestions?

Have you tried the new seafood restaurant on the river? I haven’t been there myself but I’ve heard so many people saying it’s great.

That is a good suggestion! He doesn’t eat meat so that would be perfect.

If you’ve got time, you could always catch the ferry out to Rottnest Island for the day.

I don’t know if we can, he’s only here for the weekend so we haven’t got a lot of time.

Well if you don’t you could check out the Maritime Museum.

Okay, I’ve got a few new ideas now. Thanks for your help!

No worries!

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