What’s your English Vocabulary Level? Take this Test to find out!

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What is your English Vocabulary level? This test will help you find out how many English words you really know! Do you have an intermediate vocabulary level? Or perhaps you have an advanced level… Take this Vocabulary Quiz & let’s find out together!

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Hey there. I’m Emma from mmmEnglish!

Have you been wondering how good your knowledge of English vocabulary really is? Do you want to know what your English vocabulary level is? Yeah. Well, you’re in the right place because this video is an English vocabulary level test.

I’ve designed it so that you can find out if your English vocabulary is at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

Are you ready to try it out?

There are five sets of questions in this level test and thirty-six questions altogether. To work out your level at the end, you need to keep track of how many questions you get right.


Remember, this test is just a guide to give you an idea about your English level.

So how does it work? You’re going to see a sentence up on screen just like this. And your job is to choose the best word to complete the sentence. You’ll see a little timer up on screen so that you know how much time you have to answer each question. And when the time is up, I’ll give you the correct answer.

The season that follows winter is _____.

a. autumn
b. spring


Okay, we’re starting off very simply.

A1 Beginner 

1. The day before Wednesday is _____.

a. Tuesday
b. Thursday


2. I eat _____ at 7 o’clock.

a. lunch
b. breakfast


3. How _____oranges did she eat?

a. much
b. many


4. He is _____ to music.

a. listening
b. hearing


5. My neighbour is _____, I like her.

a. nice
b. mean


Okay these questions will be a little harder.

A2 Beginner plus

1. I made this cake all by _____.

a. myself
b. yourself


2. These strawberries are sweet and _____.

a. bitter
b. delicious


3. Harry is a _____. He writes articles for the newspaper.

a. teacher
b. journalist


4. I saw five red _____ this morning.

a. cars
b. traffic


5. This suitcase is very _____. I can’t carry it by myself.

a. heavy
b. smelly


6. It _____ twenty minutes to drive to the city.

a. goes
b. takes


Okay. Now we’re taking things up a notch. All right?

B1 Pre-intermediate

1. Can I call you _____ in five minutes?

a. back
b. by


2. I have to _____ for the exam next week.

a. study
b. learn


3. I fell asleep because the movie was _____.

a. bored
b. boring

(Not bored)


4. The flood didn’t _____ any damage to the property.

a. make
b. do


5. He was burnt _____ from working such long hours.

(This is a phrasal verb)

a. up
b. out


6. The report is due _____ Friday.

a. until
b. by

There’s a couple of correct answers here: by, on.


7. There are _____ a thousand different types of wattle tree in Australia, give or take.

a. approximately
b. exactly

You could say: approximately, about, around.


Okay, we keep going up.

B2 Intermediate

1. She burst _____ laughing.

a. out
b. into


2. The mobile library comes once a _____.

a. fortnight
b. two weeks


3. Her recent appearance on a reality TV show has _____ her a lot of new fans.

a. gained
b. earned

There are a few verbs that you could use here: earned, brought. Just make sure it’s in the past tense.


4. The _____ takes about four hours all up.

a. travel
b. journey


5. I need to _____ up on my Spanish before the trip.

a. brush
b. polish


6. There were _____ qualified candidates which made it difficult to choose a winner.

a. much
b. several


7. The hotel houses a hundred and fifty people a night _____ staff.

a. except
b. excluding


8. There’s a _____ with the computer. It seems to be frozen.

a. trouble
b. problem

All right, here we go. We’re on the home straight.

C1 – C2 Advanced

1. The film contains _____ language therefore it’s not suitable for children.

a. strong
b. hard


2. Buying things in bulk can be more _____ than buying in small quantities.

a. economic
b. economical


3. There’s no _____ to drive, the bus stops right in front of the house.

a. point
b. reason


4. I don’t mean to _____ you, but you seem to have the facts mixed up.

a. oppose
b. contradict


5. They had to attend mediation to _____ their differences.

a. settle
b. solve


6. The students _____ to uphold the values held by the school.

a. endeavour
b. effort


7. An article with too much _____ will be difficult to understand, unless you’re an expert.

a. slogan
b. jargan


8. In academic writing, it’s best to _____ your point with quotes, diagrams, or examples.

a. illustrate
b. demonstrate


9. _____what I understood, the company is in bad financial shape.

a. By
b. From


10. I read the article twice, but still couldn’t grasp what the author was _____.

a. getting at
b. aiming for


So how did you go? Did you count how many you got right? Let’s check your level right here.

If you scored between one and five, you’re at a beginner level.

If you scored between six and eleven, you’re pre-intermediate.

Between twelve and eighteen, your level is intermediate.

Between nineteen and twenty-six your level is upper intermediate.

And if you scored between twenty-seven and thirty-six, then congratulations. Your English vocabulary is at an advanced level. You’re somewhere between C1 or C2.


Let me know how you did in this quick vocabulary quiz down in the comments and make sure you let me know if you enjoyed it.

If you want to keep working on your vocabulary here at mmmEnglish, this is an entire playlist of all of my vocabulary lessons. There are plenty in there to keep you busy, but if you’re looking for some tips and advice on how to learn and remember new words, then check out this one down here.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I will see you in the next lesson. Bye for now!

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